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Casca Wines was founded by the winemaker Hélder Cunha in 2008 in his personal pursuit to create Portuguese wines that expressed the terroir of each of the demarcated regions of Portugal.
It all started in the was in the micro-region of Colares, the westernmost point of mainland Europe, that Hélder Cunha, against all the ocean winds, challenged himself to produce truly unique wines.
As a homage to Hélder's hometown – Cascais – several brands were created that represent not only the wine portfolio, but also reinforce the bonds of their own origin. Today, with more than 20 years of history; presence in more than 35 markets around the world; having received many national and international prizes and recognitions; and with wines produced in almost every Portuguese wine demarcated region, Casca Wines is Portugal's market leader in Organic and Vegan wines and producer of unique and unequaled wines.
At Casca Wines we search for each region’s best grape growers, with the finest grapes, to ensure the wine produced by us carries the essence of the region and vineyard where the grapes are grown.
We value the principles of sustainability and Casca Wines only works with grape growers who take care of their land with sustainable vision.
We respect traditions, working closely with the wine growers, learning from them, and combining the know-how of a modern winemaking company. Personality is cherished, as we believe that every wine should transmit the vineyard's character and its grape grower. We extract all flavors and intensity that the grapes can offer to create a unique wine.
The secret of Casca Wines' success is in our team. We are dedicated professionals, who work extremely hard in offering our clients the finest "terroir expression".

Opening hours:
Casca & Friends Wine Spot
Wednesday to Saturday: 17h00 – 23h00

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Casca Wines

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