Adraga Beach

Well-known for its pure waters and easy access to its vast golden sand beach, Adraga Beach is noted for the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Aguda Beach

This unguarded beach is of difficult access, but worth it on arrival. Its virgin nature and the coastline dotted with rocks make this beach unique.

Azenhas do Mar Beach

A real illustrated postcard, Azenhas do Mar takes us by surprise with its geographical location, the houses cascading down the cliff slope to the sea, bathed in an idyllic white light.

Grande Beach

As the name suggests, Grande Beach [Praia Grande] is the largest beach on the Sintra coast, an expanse of white sand that delights holidaymakers.

Maçãs Beach

Golden sand beach at the mouth of the river it is named after [‘Maçãs’ in Portuguese, meaning ‘apple’]. It is said that in autumn the river carried many apples from the farms it crossed, which gave the beach its name.

Magoito Beach

This vast beach covered in gold sand and bathed by a turquoise sea is considered one of the most iodine rich beaches.

Pequena Beach

Located close to Grande Beach, Pequena Beach [Praia Pequena] is smaller and more sheltered from northern winds, and the venue of choice for many beach-goers and underwater fishermen.

Samarra Beach

Between cliffs, this beach is a good bet for those looking for a quiet and hidden place to relax.

São Julião Beach

São Julião Beach is located further north in the municipality of Sintra, divided among the two municipalities of Sintra and Mafra by River Falcão.

Vigia Beach

This beach, located south of São Julião, Assafora, is surrounded by steep cliffs and is not easy to get to.

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