Grande Beach


As the name suggests, Grande Beach [Praia Grande] is the largest beach on the Sintra coast, an expanse of white sand that delights holidaymakers. The golden sands, the purity of the Atlantic waters, and the outline of the coast with its rugged cliffs make this Sintra beach a truly enjoyable spot at any time of the year.

Today, it is one of the favourite places in the world for surfing and bodyboarding, and it hosts some of the most important events in the national and international calendar, such as the World Bodyboard Championship in August. 

The southern escarpment of the beach cliff is marked by large schist blocks, perpendicular to the coastline. We encourage visitors to climb the existing staircase, where they can find sixty-six dinosaur footprints, dating back 170 million years. Once you reach the top of the staircase you can enjoy the magnificent landscape over the beach and the coast. 

Grande Beach
Avenida Alfredo Coelho
2705-329 Colares
GPS - 38°48'51.8"N 9°28’36.5"W

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