Parks and Gardens

Liberty Park

The announcement of the acquisition of Valenças Park by the Sintra Tourism Board dates back to 1936 and intended to provide Sintra with a Public Park.

Monserrate Park

The exuberant romantic garden and palace built by Francis Cook, an English millionaire, provide unique testimony of the eclectic spirit of the eighteen hundreds.

Pena Park

The Pena Park and Palace combine the search for exoticism with fascination for nature. Discover these unmissable monuments among exotic trees and indigenous species, where the incomparable Pena Palace stands out on its own.

Picnic Park

In this park you can enjoy a pleasant environment, with an extraordinary landscape and "never-ending sights".

Quinta da Ribafria Gardens

Solar de Ribafria was built in 1541, on the Lourel estate, by Gaspar Gonçalves, to whom King Manuel I attributed a charter and a coat of arms, and is a magnificent example of Manueline civil architecture.

Vila Sassetti

Vila Sassetti is located on the north side of Sintra’s hill and is considered one of the most beautiful and least known places in Sintra.

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