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Sintra's most famous travesseiros are made in Piriquita, Antiga Casa de Queijadas, established in 1862 by Constança Gomes Piriquita, in the centre of the Old Town.

During World War II, Piriquita felt the need to innovate, and Constança Luisa, the founder’s granddaughter, found the recipe of the Travesseiro when reading an old cookbook.

This new sweet made from puff pastry, egg candy, almonds and sugar, which then overcame the misfortunes and difficulties of a time troubled by war, scarcity and rationing of products, has become a freshly made, juicy, crispy, creamy pastry, sold in the shape of a pillow.

Recognized as one of Sintra's ex-libris, it is a tasteful souvenir to bring from Sintra.

Casa Piriquita
Rua das Padarias 1, Sintra
2710-603 Sintra
GPS: 38°47'48.0"N 9°23'25.9"W

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