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Negrais Piglet


In Negrais, a town in the municipality of Sintra located in the civil parish of Almargem do Bispo, Pero Pinheiro and Montelavar, the hustle and bustle of roasted piglet is lost in time. Some Negrais residents were both farmers and spit cooks and attended religious fairs around Lisbon to sell their roast piglet in traditional eating and drinking stalls. Today, it features in all wedding banquets, parties, pilgrimages and markets in Sintra. It is also a luxury course on all restaurants.

The spit roast piglet can be found both on sale and in restaurants in Negrais, consolidating the local tradition, transforming it into a product of excellence with the quality and knowledge of generations. It merits a trip to this area so you can enjoy this Sintra delicacy.

Largo do Rossio, Negrais
2715-341 Almargem do Bispo
GPS: 38°52'44.3"N 9°16'39.9"W

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