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Fofos de Belas


Initially called ‘Fartos de Belas’, these small sponge cakes filled with custard and sprinkled with sugar have been made in the famous Fofos de Belas Factory since 1850. Made from eggs, flour and milk for the custard, they are baked in a wood-burning oven in small moulds.

From the very beginning, fofos have attracted Lisbon customers who came to Belas to buy this specialty on their Sunday trips. Although they have not reached the national and international projection of other traditional sweets, Fofos de Belas is an important gastronomic reference of Sintra. A delight for anyone who discovers them.

Casa dos Fofos de Belas
Rua Dr. Malheiro, 18, Belas
2605-038 Belas
GPS: 38°46'34.9"N 9°15'51.1"W

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