Colares Wine Route

1 – Discovering Colares Wine on a Tram trip


Tram | Colares Regional Winery| Wine Tasting | Lunch in Colares | Tram | Walking Tour from Estefânia to the Historic Centre | Traditional sweets tasting | Sintra National Palace

Duration – 1 day

Take the train or drive to Sintra.

IMPORTANT: Contact the Colares Regional Winery in advance to book the visit and wine tasting.

Upon arriving in Sintra (we recommend arriving in Sintra around 9:30 am), park your vehicle at the Portela de Sintra car park or, alternatively, at the Cavaleira car park and catch the free transfer, see more

Head to the district of Estefânia, Vila Alda – Casa do Elétrico, the Sintra Tram initial stop.

Purchase your ticket and jump aboard the century-old Sintra Tram - timetables available at here. Enjoy this unique trip to the Colares Regional Winery. Your stop is "Banzão". The journey will last about 35 minutes among trees and houses. This line, in existence for over 100 years, extends all the way to Maçãs Beach.

Welcome to the Cooperative Winery at Colares, the oldest cooperative winery in Portugal. You now have the opportunity to learn a little about the production methods of Colares Wine and visit the winery building, also used to host events. The taste of this unique wine will leave a lasting memory.

The tram back to Sintra leaves at 3:10 pm, departing from the same stop – Banzão – so we suggest a walk through Colares and a lunch in one of the local restaurants.

You should arrive back in Sintra around 4 pm. Enjoy a stroll through Sintra! Cross the district of Estefânia towards the Historic Centre, passing through the Correnteza Gardens and make a stop at the viewpoint to admire the magnificent landscape. 

Next, keep walking until you reach the City Hall, a 20th century revivalist building. Continue along Volta do Duche and admire the Public Art exhibition, comprising pieces by various authors, which brighten up the path to the historic centre.

Arriving at "Vila Velha", as this part of the Historic Centre is known to the locals, enter one of the pastry shops and delight yourself with the traditional sweets: travesseiros and queijadas. 

If you still have some time, don't forget to visit the iconic Sintra National Palace, with its imposing chimneys standing tall in the town centre. 

Before heading back, walk along the narrow streets, alleys and stairs of the picturesque Historic Centre.

After getting to know the demarcated wine region of Colares a little better, we look forward to your next visit, where further experiences await.

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