Ursa Beach


Located by Cabo da Roca, Europe's westernmost point, Ursa Beach is one of the most beautiful natural treasures in the municipality of Sintra. 

The fine sand, the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the rocky surroundings receive great visitors with a natural spectacle of unusual beauty.

The beach’s difficult access is an obstacle that must be overcome by visitors, but it has also preserved some of the beach's virgin character, something that is already hard to find in today's world. The descent from the car park to the beach takes about 1 hour on foot across the cliffs, but visitors will be grateful they took the time. 

Its name derives from Ursa Rock, a huge rock in the shape of a bear [‘urso’ in Portuguese] with a cub on its lap, when viewed in a North-South direction, outlined against the blue ocean. 

Unguarded beach without additional infrastructures.

Ursa Beach
Estrada do Cabo da Roca, Azóia
2705-001 Colares
GPS - 38°47'25.5"N 9°29’31.9"W

Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval
Praça Dr. Francisco Sá Carneiro
2710-720 SINTRA